Thank-you for your time last month my husband and I had feared the worse and had been putting of calling somebody in for months. We are pleased we decided to pay for an independent damp specialist before accepting the free  quotation that our estate agent had obtained for us before we moved in earlier in the year. Once you had explained and demonstrated why the problem wasn't rising damp it all made perfect sense and we have now implemented your recommendations which, even with your survey fee, has saved us nearly £2,000. We are most grateful and have already told our daughter to contact you to have a damp and timber survey carried out on a property she is buying.  London SW5

Many thanks for your report received this morning and for taking the time to speak to our purchaser it has saved our sale as they were threatening to pull out after  their surveyor had found what they said was active woodworm in the loft. Your photographs showing the woodworm beetle holes were not ones that require chemical treatment and weren't active were very helpful. When we move back to England we will have you carry out a damp and timber survey on our next house as we appreciate the benefit of an independent specialist surveyor. London SW18

Just a quick email to say thanks the contractor has now been back to install the damp proof course in the correct place which he had refused to do prior to your independent damp report  and my builder has carried out your recommendations. I am looking forward to finally having a useable room again. London W5

......your damp and timber survey report highlighted some things that had been missed by our surveyor and we were able to negotiate a reduction on the asking price. Croydon Surrey.

We have now received £6,500 compensation from our original surveyor on the back of your independent damp survey. Teddington Middlesex. 

It was good news that we didn't have dry rot in our kitchen especially as our insurance company said we weren't covered. The man from the damp company was very convincing and had quoted thousands to renew the plaster and the floor but we had a niggling suspicion which is why we decided to call an independent timber and damp surveyor and with the help of your clever flexible camera you managed to prove we were correct to be suspicious. We have already had a quote from a builder to install 2 airbricks and renew the small section of floor as you had suggested for £480 which is a huge relief. Kingston Surrey   

............we have pulled out of our house purchase as the vendors wouldn't drop the price for the repairs to the roof. We are relieved to have commissioned an independent damp and timber survey as we do not think our  original surveyor was as thorough as you and hadn't stressed the structural damage that the longhorned beetle can cause................we know now having seen the photos.................. Hersham Surrey   

Just a quick update since we took your advice our Tenants tell us that the flat has remained mould free for the first time in nearly three years your independent damp survey and report was money well spent. Hounslow Middlesex.

..........we are grateful for your help and advice over the past few weeks and can report that we no longer have a damp problem London NW1  

Just a note to say how impressed I was with the two surveys you recently carried out for me in Clapham and Dulwich. Your thoroughness, professionalism and considered advice were an invaluable help, as was your ability to put  what was to me complex issues into simple layman's terms. It goes without saying I will highly recommend you to others -  and will certainly be in touch again in the future should the need arise. Many thanks again. GP London.

...............comparing the contractor's report to yours highlights the value you provide, in terms of having clearly investigated the cause of any damp issues and providing a reasonable solution, whereas supposedly reputable firms perform nothing but a "visual inspection" and then propose comprehensive work to the property. The contractor's report was only marginally cheaper than yours yet their report has proven to be nothing more than an expensive quotation for work. TK London NW11